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Red Vintage
MKA (On a cozy Monday in the soft month of December / Beneath the stars)

Red Vintage

As the sun reaches down
To kiss the salt water off my skin,
I can hear your voice singing along
With the whispers of the sea.
The clouds are beginning to move,
I can see a lining in the sky
Which reminds me that tomorrow
Will be a better day,
When I will reach together with
The red vintage of the sun for your
Summer kisses to talk me along
Life's dullest moments.
Hugs from the cool breeze reminds
Me of the misty evening
When your smiles told a tale,
Sending me in a drift onto the crystal ocean.
Splashes on the rocks nearby
Created a lullaby as each imprint in the
Ground sparks from the glowing rays
That is beginning to arch
Itself towards the edge of the sea.
Your mystical eyes from across the dried
Sand gives me great promises
That we will meet again
On another misty evening,
Laying on the sparkling shore with
Diamond-fragmented sand beneath our skin.

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