Red-White Pain

Poem By Riham Dabapu

Shining like a pearl drop,
It trickled down her cheek
Glistening, it rolled of her chin
As the truth began to seep.

The millions of her beautiful dreams
which would open the world's door,
Now snapped like fragile pieces of glass
And shattered down to the floor.

The shiver she had felt when he looked at her
His presence which had filled her days with light
The ecstasy she had felt at his smile
Now left her side and gave way to night

Her heart screamed out in pain
As her eyes fixed on his image
The picture seemed to stab her soul
And her wound burned in rage.

Locked up in hurt and distress
She beat hard upon the floor
The pain let loose in a stream of tears
She thought she could dream no more

All the promises he had taken
Mocked at her pitiful state
She wished she could turn back time
But it was already too late

The grief began to dissolve slowly
as anger began to flicker inside
The taste of revenge grew
But she had no one to confide.

She turned to go in sadly
Thinking about the harsh betrayal of life
Her steps led her to the kitchen
Her hands fingered a knife

As the blood seeped from the cut
She slumped down onto the floor
a smile played upon her pale lips
She knew she would be in pain no more.

Comments about Red-White Pain

where is that anger from? something that I did not get. from 'harsh betrayal of life'? is that what she wants to prove it? I'm sure that will not yet happen, she didnt yet decide of why she is in middle of pain and reality, and that will just make her cry.
The speaker, sweet and beautiful - the avenger, the avenged.
what a great sequence, and what an enchanting discription... that's gorgeous and expressive

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