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# Redefining Incidents
SA (19 Mar 1979 / KGF, India)

# Redefining Incidents

Poem By Seema Aarella

One incident of a dismal sight
He saw sick, poor, old men’s plight
'Siddhartha' thought it overnight
By dawn he left in search of light

One horrifying battle so disturbed
The mighty king Ashoka stirred
That night his aims deterred
To Buddha’s realm he entered

Unable to fight his loved ones
'Arjuna' dropped his weapons
Through ‘Gita’, 'Krishna' summons
And the ‘kurukshetra’ did commence

Momentary are grief and dismay
Melting darkness reveals the day
Unruly incidents are part of his play
To sculpt our lives in a better way.

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yes, you are right. need to think abt it