Redirected Rage At Students Unblessed-Thank God, I'M No Longer Possessed.

Poem By Michael Gale

Redirected rage tossed aside it's predestined path...
Can't blame 'nother problem by school and math.

In high school i was at a stand still in summer school math
and American history...
Never got an a or even a dee.
T'was just an eff just due to me.

I did not want ta become a rocket scientist or teacher of years
in time...
What law had i broken? -What caught was my crime?

Art and English were just my best subjects...
That fact was clear to my teachers, no lie or not even a false pretext or subtext.

As a teenager i was hard to control...
The grade school hall monitor was always out on Mike Gale patrol.

Fights were attracted to me as like a mighty over powering magnet...
That should seem to all readers of this bad fact that is solomnly

I just don't know how my teachers put up with me...
The school board had unanomously had voted for a teachers pay increase for observence of yours truly.

Overtime was their only way...
That's how teachers who broke school rules were forced to pay.

I'm just glad to this day that i've matured and changed...
Thank God Almighty-I'm no longer deranged.

Comments about Redirected Rage At Students Unblessed-Thank God, I'M No Longer Possessed.

M.J.G.>>>Mighty glad you are not deranged as telling what kind of titles you might conjur up under those conitions.....'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''FJR UP

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