Reduced To Delusions

Believing to lift themselves up,
By demeaning the activities of others...
Reveals the observation of many things seen.

Progress is diminished.
Attempts to begin with good intentions,
Never start to ever get finished.

And those who vocalize their contempt,
Of those who take steps to try...
Are those procrastinating as time flies by!

But there they are on the scene to be seen,
When the opportunity presents itself...
For them to socialize in the promoting of outdated ideas.

Of course,
They are heard openly criticizing...
To provoke any focus on the doer and not the deed.

And in communities that this is done,
The call for unity is kept alive...
As much as the nothingness that survives and thrives.

As facts are silenced and denied,
For the purpose to undo truths...
While observations witnessed are reduced to delusions.

Induced to inflict fear that an enlightened consciousness,
Is the work of demons behind calling for minds to progress.

While the keeping of an ignorance is obsessed to possess.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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