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Poem By Uriah Hamilton

I’m not a husband to a good woman,
I’m not a father to precious children,
I’m not attached to anyone or anything,
I can easily, in a moment, cut all strings,
And I have abandoned everything.

But I saw a young dad
Walking with three little girls,
They were holding his hands
And dancing by his side,
I turned my head and wept for the tenderness
I have denied myself.

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Comments (11)

This piece is heartbreaking. I hope someday someone will sweep you off your feet and bring you all the happiness and beauty that you have shared with all of us through your work. S
deliberately denied yourself..or maybe just not met the right person to forge this sort of future with yet?
uriah, time is a strange and crazy force - i have this inclination that if your tenderness was a surprise this day, it will be a tool tomorrow. give yourself the space to extragavantly bloom. it has elements of fun. salut.
Oh my gosh Uriah! I don't know how I missed this when you posted it but this is such a tender realization that you've shared! You are one of the kindest souls I've ever bumped in to. She's out there and she is a very lucky woman. Sincerely, Mary
The first time I read this I found it touching.. so touching. I still do but the second time I sensed that you blamed yourself for the lack of tenderness. You shouldn't.. if you didn't the right person so far or you've met someone but you felt she was not the right one its better to wait.. otherwise you'll end up hurting them and yourself. Don't worry.. you'll find your special one soon, she is out there waiting! :) HBH