Refine My Dreams [rev.]

Mankind's destiny is to put the mind in total
control of its surrounds, to become what we
do and think - fulfilment's first step Is taking
control over space & time, allowing mankind

To pass through earth experience all refining
individualised minds - preparing them to deal
with the immediate manifestation of thought
registered on the mind's wavelength, without

Need for physical-deed-intermediaries to
fulfil a dream, but before such power can be
controlled, the genie must stay in its bottle &
learn to deal with contents of its own mind;

It makes sense to take care about what is
allowed to bloom into our thought-stream -
pure-mind-existence means no metaphor
stands ‘tween us & what we think, living

As symbols of love, principle and wisdom
without the safety of the physical mask
which protected our innermost secrets
from scrutiny; the shock of seeing who

We really are and what harmonic tone
we belong to according to the character
we have, is painful; , we need to prepare
for such reality, while the sweet delight

Of finding we exist within the dream we
cherished most will be indescribable joy;
so I shall immediately refine my dreams

[14 November 2014]

by Margaret Alice Second

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