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Reflected In My Mirror
CM (June 1971 / Greater Manchester, UK)

Reflected In My Mirror

I see my love for you,
I sit here and wonder what will be.
What lies I say to you.

Here for me and you.
I see a fool in me,
I see beauty in you.

I become the pain I see before me,
I sit and wander in lonely thought.

The calm you feel and experience,
Is no more than is in me,
You are a shining star.

In the universe,
In the dark cosmos,
I see the loneliness of you.

The sadness in me, departed.
As my sadness departed,
I saw you.

Your fears became not unlike my own.
And now I sit here.

In company of stars,
Not unlike a shining star.
My star, I found you.

(Bolton, UK. Wednesday,10 October 2007)

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