Reflecting Gods

We could be delicate, I suppose
(if we wanted to tiptoe around
each other for the rest of our years)
but I see no point in that.

We have lusted for the rain the whole of our lives
and hidden, already, far too many days, from the sun.

I think we’re done
with that.

There have been gods perched on the edge of our existence
waiting, near forever, for our eyes to fall upon them.
We have played in the cool quiet of their shadows
but never once dared
to speak their names.

This, too,
will change.

You have been embedding profundity
(and desire)
into our conversations for so long now that
I have grown heavy with it.
I am becoming more golden
with each sigh.

My offerings are simple, but eternal.

Our horizon
knows no shame.

We could be delicate, I suppose
but I see no need for that.

Forever is ours

For we have seen the gods
reflected in one another's eyes.

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Comments (4)

Bravo Ms Cole! Few words, in-depth, insight 'For we have seen the gods reflected in one another's eyes.' Plural, 'Gods'? noun, its definition, many disagree Peace will have my 'self' feel all Gods as LOVE, its embrace will leave no controversy to war about ...louie
Utterly beautiful, & very profound: I hate to say it's beyond words, but I'll work on it! Your poetry should be more widely known: it lifts my soul & should do others'.
Very lovely (and yes, delicate) . My favorite: 'I have become more golden with each sigh.' Thank you for sharing this.
so beautifully you have reflected the eternal...yes the eyes image the creator and the creation...well expressed...