JSD (03-02-1969 / Philippines/Australia)


The ray of words become light,
Bread to those who are hungry,
Water to those in thirst,
Peace to those in weary.

The power acting of mind heart emend,
Gives ration to the spirit to work and be unite,
Intervene to a perfect freedom of soul.

A mirror to polish the surface of being,
Response to renew faith,
To bend knees and pray,
To swallow the pride.

A time to wash and clean,
In words, deeds and action.

To spread wings and fly up to the sky,
To breathe the freshness of the air,
To open view the freedom of mind.

To magnify the spirit of heart,
To sing emotion with praise
And dance with goodness,
To the Lord of host.

Today, commit your day
To the author of the universe,
And rest.

© Jocelyn Sumido-Dunbar
9 April 2006
6: 45 AM

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