reflection. april 16,2011.

i stare into the water below me.
i see a person, i see me.
but i am not sure if that is who i am.

the water ripples, the face below waving.
who is it? i am not sure.
i cannot tell, cannot tell if that is me, if that is my face.

who am i?
am i the person the world thought i was?
am i the person I thought i was?

no one knows.
perhaps i will find out in time.
if those crystal blue eyes in the water are mine.

if that face staring back at me
is one and the same
as the one staring at it.

i stare into the water below me.
i see a person.
is it me?
it's a reflectionnnnnnnnnnn.

reflection of what?
the person i am thought to me,
the person i am made out to be,
or the person who i am?

tell will time.
so will the reflection.
and so will my heart.


by Calsey Wauters

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