Our paths, once joined, have parted ways
yet in the dark your face won't flee.
Your spirit has escaped my days
but in the night you come to me.

The memories of what we shared
are chiseled in my crying mind.
A loving heart is never spared
when good-bye notes, in ink, are signed.

I'm thirsty for your gentle tone
which led my weakened soul in flight.
Aloft within a docile zone,
our passions sailed with clouded sight.

Illusions healed my darkened state
and liberated sorrow's hold.
With visions of a lasting mate,
my dreams of love grew ever bold.

Invaded by reality
our joyous realm was plagued by war.
These eyes, once blind, were forced to see
the world we shared could be no more.

With damaged wings my spirit glides
through lonely skies of hopelessness,
but in the distance peace resides
with mending threads from faith's caress.

So on the shores of trust I'll land
and purge your spirit from my soul,
then reach out for salvation's hand
and let its cleansing touch control.

by Jo Lynn Ehnes

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