BR (7-7-** ~Alive baby ^_^ / )


who is she
the one stareing back at me

plumpl perfect hair
thin painted lips
rosey cheeks
and forgoten dreams

The one
lieing to her friends
and hanging by a thread
the one who apears as if nothings wrong
when it been wrong all along

The one
who has no hopes
and beleaves in nothing
the one who throws away morals
Just to fit in

I knew that girl once
and I want to know here agian

but with out the plasterd on face
and lieing ways

the girl
with out the forgoten morals
and lost ways

I want to know that girl agian
for what she was
no for what she is
because you can never truely get rid of yourself
only hide what you want to be hid

by Brick Red

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