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Reflection In My Eyes

Reflection In My Eyes

I stare out at the ocean
And I see a trembling figure
Waiting in front of me.
Our identical brown eyes lock.

Around me, thoughts swirl in all directions.
Some hit me in the face; others deposit themselves stiffly around me.
I see a shape,
My delicate soul pounds at my eyes.
And I stare unto it.

My reckless emotions now
Enclose in my spirit,
Locked there.
And I know that I can’t run away
From these haunting thoughts.

Memories begin to barricade me.
My life is a rollercoaster,
Jerking me all over the place.

Seeing my happier times was pleasurable;
My heart’s beat creates a rhythm,
Joyous music
That makes me warm.
I look at those exuberant times I’ve had,
The places in my life that were filled with
And enchanting costumes.

The eyes in the ocean
Begin to smile,
And they softly dance to the music
That my heart was composing.

Then it stops.
The roller-coaster drops me,
Into a series of winding loops
And jolts that come from nowhere.
The rainbows come to an end,
But there is no pot of gold.

My soul turns and tumbles;
My heart’s rhythm rapidly increases.
The music changes to a more
Complex, dynamic tune.

I gaze again at the figure,
And her brown eyes.
They’re raining,
Hitting the ocean
A thunderstorm begins.
The waves turn violent,
And crash against my body.
My soul cracks,
But it doesn’t break.

The series of loops and turns and eerie-feelings end.
My soul is patched up,
But scars remain;
I must poke and prod at them,
Otherwise I won’t remember
Why they were first imprinted there.

I feel the lock in my legs
The ride is over.
Until the next time I admit myself to ride it.

My legs control my body,
They move me across the beach.
I can feel sand in between my toes.
The breeze whispers to me,
And kisses my face,
Consoling me after the terrifying ride,
Like a mother with her child.
She blows the tension away,
Now lost forever in a far-off land.

Above the horizon,
I catch the sun peaking out,
Golden and perfectly round.
I swear I that she is smiling.

It’s a new day:
More to add to my rollercoaster.
Perhaps this music will be vehement and intense;
Perhaps it will be rainbow-filled with a waltzing beat.
Only time will tell.

I find my eyes float back,
To that same figure,
My protector,
Always waiting next to me.
The waves are ill-tempered,
But she stands strong.
Her head is high.
She stares back at me,
Her gentle brown eyes
Excited to begin a new journey.

*Please, if you comment, give me criticism on what I can do for next time. I'm only thirteen, so I hope that you understand my simple vocabulary*

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too long.make it simple, concise and stick to the theme.
too long.make it simple, concise and stick to the theme.