MH (10/13/1990 / )

Reflection On An Empty Screen

I brush back my heavy eyes,
for the skies have broken into a vivid glow.
I slowly pick up
an empty cup
once full of the dreams that I dreamt.
A perfectly placed chair
sits right there
in a cold
I crept upon it
but only for a moment to read the news:

She blamed him for the murder and wept.
Each line that I read I knew the b*tch was dead
And in black and white the judge knew she lied;
A conviction of 25 years.

I laugh to myself as I reach upon a shelf,
only to find there’s nothing here.
I clearly remember
the days of November
and how chilly it was to see you there.
I couldn’t bear to begin
to reach out of my sin
and move on like the pioneers did.
But I live like anyone else whose just trying to raise hell;
someone’s gotta keep it alive.
And when the day is done and I run out of luck,
I’ll pick myself up only to make a change,
to explain the wonders of the world
to the tinniest of birds and lead on like lovers do.
So the tv glares at me,
with a reflection of a girl
no one can stand
to see.
I pack up my head
with the things that you said
and hope
no one finds me.

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