Poem By Valerie Dohren

Behold the pregnant silvered moon
Full mirrored in the shimm`ring sea
And shining low at early dawn
The sun, as golden filigree

Reflecting in the dancing waves
To crown each glorious day anew
The sky a dazzling oriflamme
Soft glist`ning in the morning dew

And see above the drifting clouds
As o`er the land their shadows creep
Like ghostly spectres ling`ring `pon
The hills and valleys, nestling deep

Then hear the might oceans break
Against the rocks, so cold and grey,
Resounding `cross the des`late shores
To crash, untamed, then fade away

And as above then so below
The large reflected in the small
So too the all-pervading power
Lies deep in every living soul

Reflected in each beating heart
Each single atom, small yet vast,
And there within each grain of sand
The boundless universe is cast

And so the threads of thought unwind
Each fantasy, inspired to spin
Reflections of the inner self
Where all is still, so still within

Comments about Reflections

While creating beautiful imagery of nature, threw light on the Reflections of innerself. Enjoyed the read ma'am!
Beautiful, lovely read Valerie.
Lovely poem and enjoy reading reflections!
Nice reflections on nature, life, what lies beyond and especially within......
Really enjoyable flow of words.

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3,7 out of 5
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