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RF Rachel Fogle (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)


Mirror of ones life, reflects all we feel.
Chancing everything to create and feel.

Journeys that send us to treasures untold.
And develops the mind into a relm of unknown.

The Avenue of self worth is beyond ones comprehension.
It stengthens the mind and develops ones senses.

Invision yourself taking a leap away from all,
And flying down a spiral that awakens the fall.

To be free from all that surrounds you,
And to perserve what we might,
Is a test of humanity in that we never loose site.

That through out our lives we face bitterness & tears.
And that every moment that goes by is another we have longed to feel.

We are what we are nothing can make us any different,
And at the end of my journey I know its been well driven.

So to those who see only darkness and doom,
Remember there's others who have less then you do.

And give then your prayiers and good wishes to all,
For at the end of all our journeys heaven awaits us all.

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