Reflections From An Oil Puddle

Poem By Jazzy Davies

If emotions were colours, would despair be black?
the dark side of joy, the flip side of love,
worn down and dull, edges all cracked,
a familiar place of never enough.
Loneliness would be flat, insipid and grey
when even hope has given up
and crawled shamefully away.
Misery like a bruise
the colour of abuse
and is jealousy green? or more like red?
both seem to take over
and blend, reluctantly, inside my head.
So what shade is happiness?
A sunny day? A compliment due?
It matters not
when I'm loving you.

Comments about Reflections From An Oil Puddle

Not sure on this one...I get the feeling it doesn't like me...*smile*

3,7 out of 5
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