Reflections From The Gospel

Why do we always turn away?
Like the sojourners to Emmaus
In disappointment laden with great despair
Absconding from what seemed-peril-like
Closer to what seemed-refuge-like
Emmaus or Jerusalem which way?
The former, away from frustration or the truth
Or do we need the illumination of light
Vivid, as to keep him from doubt.
Is this our problem this day?
Or inherited from generations long gone.
Over fed and drunken from the victuals of life
Our feet easily get stuck in the quick sands of quandary
We forget that we are obese by pleasure
And perverted by obsession, and then
back to square one on our way to Emmaus
Pray we recognize Him in the breaking of the loaf
And then turn our minds back, so also our frail bodies
To face the real test of our faith.

by uchenna nnodum

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