(1 Sept 1986 / Calabar)

Reflections In You

As the moon reflects the light of the sun
And the mirror the light in you
So do you reflect the light of life

As the flowers blend their hue
And the birds their voices
So do your smiles my day

And just like Maria, when I am sad
I simply remember my favourite things -
You, your world and our world together

You sound like sweet music
You look like the ever-pretty Cinderella
You bloom with life like the lilies

There exist a double part of you
A firm and assertive heart
And a soft and tender soul

You make yesterday look glorious
Today cherishable
And tomorrow a delight to wait for

You are as beautiful as Calabar
As industrious as Lagos
And as rich as Port Harcourt

Little wonder, they call you 'Annette.'

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