RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

Reflections Of A Broken Heart

I used to wait for him faithfully, everynight by the door.
Talk about mans best friend, he couldn't ask for anything more.

Never did he wonder about my love for him, I on the other hand still wonder if he ever did.

Bitterness that swells, and teardrops that hurt.
Are reflections of one's inner soul that helps to heal the hurt.

Walking away and leaving me may have been the best he could do,
Cause moments filled with misery are better then a lifetime filled with hurt.

He did give me joy, he made me smile alot.
But, that didn't make up for the times when he almost always forgot.

I used to think it was me who was being selfish and unfair now I just sit back and wonder why the hell was I even there.

Then I remember that fact that I was only seventeen and he was of man of his mid-twenties.

Now I'm a little older and somewhat smarter in my ways,

My heart is still hurting and that may never go away.

However, I've come away fighting and though it's taken years to get even here.

I know that in the long run, upon reflection its the journey that got me here.

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