Reflections Of A Daydream

Sweet are the times I get to daydream,
for these are the times I dream of a dream:

It is when my thoughts yield the chance,
that I envision a girl who sees me at first glance.
I, lost in her, can't help but shudder
at her walking, far, yet few steps closer.

No words, no words are to be spoken
As we both know what is about to happen.
I move, and lost in love, caress her cheeks.
Losing sight of her eyes, I contact her lips.

Our flame is to be spread all over.
Burning desire coming from us, lovers.
We, lost in lust, get to our knees,
begging to the sky we always lived like this.

And this is when I think of a neverending love...

Alas, every dream has an end, and so does love.
Does love cease? I wonder. Will I always love you?
My dream has settled, but what about my passion to you?

These are the questions I now refuse to answer,
For you, for me, for us, we must enjoy this longer
as we're young, and youth is for us while it lasts.
Tell me please... but don't say our gist is only lust.

Every time I think about this I need to see you.
Yet, I will never let my mouth depict these ponderings.
I will only say with my heart that I love you.

And I dream again...

Sweet are the times I get to daydream,
for these are the times I fall for you,
and I dream of a dream.

by Marcel López Rodríguez

Comments (2)

I am in love with you Marcel
Lovely daydream. Romantic Patricia