Reflections Of Mistrust

Stabbing my heart,

With your undignified attitude,

Take my body,

But you will never have my soul.

The pain you left behind,

boar scars across my chest,

A loss of innocence,

I begin to regress,

Along a path of sultry incognitos,

Damaging my spirits,

With your fearless attempts,

Taking me in the night,

By surprise,

No one there to right these unjustifications,

Learning to let go of what can't be changed,

The avenger in the night,

Who haunts my dreams,

And steals my sleep,

Get out of my mind,

You infamous scandal.

Time to pick up what has been left behind,

Falling so hard,

Until I reach a valley of salvation.

Crawling until I can once stand again,

My heart alone,

I will have to mend.

Getting stronger day by day,

Your force over me will soon fade away,

Into the back of my mind.

Another bad memory,

Sunken amoungst the rest of the misery,

Grow from this, I will,

Reaching out to others,

Rest your fears here,

It will all be settled in the end.

Life will find itself, once again,

On a better path than before,

Happiness lies in the future,

A brighter tomorrow,

will make yesterday seem as though it was only a scratch on the whole picture.

by Crystal Self

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I like poem, it seems that what your saying is, not just a poem, but real life,