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Reflections Of The Mind

Reflections of the mind
are for the poet the legislation
of words in rhyme and images of kind
those echoes of memories and thought
crawl in to my life like a flood
I feel they are like sparkles of night light shine on me
playing with my imagination the music from some angel maybe
wondering if those words are the echoing of other thinkers
in other time and sphere
and I am just another reflection of the beauty already there
wishes singing the hymns in pensive dreams
reasons for eternity from great thinker as seeds
for other times and reflection, it seems  
soothing love existence soul in secret pleasure
making all obscurities a simple treasure  
the sound of the written rainbow shower
become the clarity of beauty in graceful power  
those lights of creative pondering are the fountains
adoration of the rising morning over the mountains
the freshness in clear force and joyance,
not taken the path for any annoyance  
in this mortal dream all rational reasons must deem,
that quantom thoughts provides the sense of purpose
the rainbow message is the poetic service  

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