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Reflections On 2004
HW (Too long ago / Albert Pike Hospital)

Reflections On 2004

Countless expressions were so uber.
They started to cause stupor!
Enough of the journey amazing.
My eyes are now glazing!
Been so blogged.
Now becoming mentally fogged!
Threatening my mind's very existence
Is all this talk of pockets of resistance!
Red state, blue state -
All this needs to abate!
That infamous wardrobe malfunction,
Does anyone have basic compunction?
Was it really a tv improvised explosive device
To publicity entice?
So much talk of erectile dysfunction -
Like superman men must now function!
Is it a wonder men can ever bedroom sizzle,
But too often just fizzle?
Time to end all this talk of flip flop
Before I drop!
Too much talk of 'you're fired! '
With all of this - I am just plain tired!

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This is interesting. If I were to write a poem about 2004 (from an American perspective) , I'd have to include the beheadings in Iraq, the missing WMD justification for the war, the Mel Gibson movie, the Michael Moore movie, the Boston Red Sox, and of course, the tsunami. Am I forgetting anything?