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Reflections Waltz
DL (2/3/87 / Middlesbrough)

Reflections Waltz

Poem By David Lacey

Let your hair down, loosen the grip,
Take it at your own pace.
Dropping down, without a frown
It seems all I am a soul of a clown
Confined within the boundaries of a fool.

Always one more time, just to see it through,
When will it grow old, or will it keep growing old with you.
Let the people know the world they fear is no charade
There’s dogs that walk the streets with shining plastic smiles,
Girls upon parade, fade into the shadows,
still temptation takes hold.

Here I lay complacent,
Displaced from my form.
Take me to another plain,
So I can grow and be reborn.

Soon the realization
That every single day is simply passing
By us in another simple way.

Waste away the years
Find something to say.

Above the drink, the paling moon,
Dancing an eternal waltz in harmony,
With the symphony of life,
We play, we pray to see you soon.

Lock as the door hides you away,
Ashamed of your mask,
You knew the illusion would never last

How far have we come to see the day is done this way?
To smile another time, close your eyes, you know the way,
a way to see the blues into the nightshades, below the moon.

Rejoin with friends long lost in obscurity, I love you, I love,
Silent Spring as she breathes fresh air into the arms of the lovers,
Blame no one but the hand of fate that guides the mood,
Everyone together now rejoice, be reborn with the new year as shadows
Waltz with reflections in the looking glass.
Pictures ripped up, torn, my mask is a little worn,
Better start rebuilding to be reborn with the wind by my side.

There’s no need to sit and watch, what is it you wish to gain
Take a picture it’ll last a little longer keep forever still the rain.

Into pale shades of the moon, we close our eyes and sink into the night
The temple lies in ruins; beyond the skies there flies the loon
With melting goo-goo eyes, bound for bloodshot skies, horizon bound
For sorrow, always running round in circles, lost and never found lay tomorrows
Dreams unfounded.

Rejoin the tribe
Growing older, wiser everyday
What’s left to wipe the tears away?

It’s mine to share, leave me alone, it doesn’t seem fair
That it should all pan out this way
Get out of my room, I don’t want to be here with you.

Why is it I feel this way?
I can never understand
this fantasies too real for me
No place left for me to land.

A year since our last kiss
Sweet rose,
Lost in crystal bliss a pose,
Withered as the river knows
To keep on flowing but not where to go.
This is all we know.
Wasting away everything we own
Digging the dirt, strip some meat from the bone

Dreams lie in the present
We are all that can exist
In-between meditation,
There’s no appeal in motivation
There’s some sense of hesitation
In doing nothing. Oh sweet nothing at all.

So much I’ve seen in what came to pass, lets see it through the year,
The first the most, and everything, the day the world melted before your eyes,
And the floorboards dripped down onto the ceiling, twisted, burnt, ripped, worn down to the bone.

Adorned in gold upon your throne, don’t make a fool of yourself
Tease me, please me, and release me of your spell
I have no tale to tell, no canvas on which to paint the love I felt back then
More fresh, alive, a will to survive that’s what we have,
With faces that now seem strange in a distant light.

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