The building has become larger than the people inside
So filled with the past when it should have died.
The people need to hear about today and tomorrow
A joyous and happy experience and not always sorrow.

Words always spoken about the historical seed
The provider for all of us: who are in need.
Taking gifts of spiritual wine and the bread of life
Good deeds and acts the ingtredients to end all strife.

How there are dangers to both person and individual soul
To have an abortion that takes away and seldom to make you whole.
The denial of life to choose by killing another
The very persons who are your sister or brother.

To explain the breaking of an oath or vow
Before there are children and a wife to be discarded somehow.
Any abuse of a human being will not be forgiven even if we plead
We will deny even ourselves and never, never; plant a seed.

The end of wars between peoples and nations
To kill and maim human earthly relations.
It is the world of today and tomorrow that we must face
To correct the injustice and cruelty in the human race.

Acknowledge the word of all those who came before
But if their purpose was not love and fairness then close the door..
All the components of life need humor and a laugh or two
I'm sure our God does often laugh and cry; at me and you..

03-26-06 Aho Speaks

by AHO Speaks

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