Refuge Prayer

In you I find my peace
Giving me strength to rise above the darkness
Let me soar amongst your guiding light
Pulling me closer to your mercy

I have nothing to offer you
Only my life and soul
Tarnished and broken
The honor unto you

I surrender my soul to you
Mold me and use me for your glory
Allow your light to shine from me
Let me be a beacon in the sea of lost souls

From my lips I will praise thee
My heart longs to be at your side
To sit and your feet and confess you are my King
Allow me oh Lord to be worthy

I bow my heart before you
I lay my soul at your feet
I will raise my hands and praise you
My King, My Lord

by Patricia Gale

Comments (1)

a nice and wonderful prayer, enriching our soul with fullness of the Love of God..This is a magnificent piece and prayer, Pat..i want to read and re read this whenever i feel like praising our Lord..thanks for this. love and hugs, Meggie