I Hope For The Best, You And I

I Hope for the best, you and I, you and I
You were the tree and I was the apple
You were the words and I was the sentence
I once thought how I would see you every morning, you and I

The ashen blinding corridor shines our past yet we see each other in blindness
The bright light, the white tears, suddenly all means a vessel of emptiness
You gave me the fear to walk the same door
Do you hate me?
The sweet, sad melancholic music plays its song
I cried, almost

A horrid image slowly approached me and asks
“Do you want it all to be over? ” I replied
“Not just yet”
I see you not the same way as you see me
That silence and disgust

I have no faith in words
Your action gives out thousands of words
The intense look…
The tense posture…
The body movements…
You make me feel that I fall deep inside a hole
Filled with our kind
Make it go away? Go away!

Oh so help me I wanted to scream my heart out
Just that no words can come out of it
You were the man I hope to change me
The words you told simply tear houses I built
In a period of short time
It was an adventure

I hope for the best, you and I you and I
Cause you were that curious incident in my life
You are the sin and I am the sinner

by Cavin The

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when will he achieve a victory to talk about with invisible descendants..the past glorious... and morbid. a lovely poem. thinking of the refugee and their struggle.. tony