Refusal To Let Go

Poem By Samantha Stough

Who ripped your heart out?
I wish I could just get an easy answer
Why won't you tell me why?
I guess you shouldn't expect an answer

Blessed be those
Who don't know what it feels like
Blessed be those
Whose hearts are still whole

Once upon a time,
I had so much to give
And so very long ago,
You would give me something in return

But now that you have to leave,
You just don't care anymore
And since you just don't care,
This is just a one-sided relationship

Your trapped in self-pity,
Forgetting everything
I'm trapped in sadness,
You were my everything

Don't tell me I shouldn't care
That I shouldn't revolve my world around a dream
Don't tell me to calm down,
I refuse to let go

I know your heart isn't missing,
It has to be in there somewhere
I know our souls remain intertwined,
The bond is too strong to break

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