Do not lose the old mama's bread,
Learn and keep tips, collect old guns,
Utensils of tea, ‘lgharai' and ‘bokharai'.
In reversion, when you have been
Taking green tea in fine China,
Horns of the bull thrown away -
‘, and ‘Malida', Naghan in Matarai,
‘Kashkai, ya ‘Lamscai', de scang bolasht,
Chai josh, katawa, de goley ‘Tabacch',
Kamarband, speen metiay chorha,
De mashkanrye reemol, Srey scaplai,
Do not lose, the old, bring them up,
While you sit in a tea-house,
In ‘The Corner', or waiting in Café.

November 12,2014.

by Sadiqullah Khan

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