DB (8/15/95 / Kingman, Arizona)

Regaining Strength

When I lost you
I lost all the faith I ever had
losing everything made me realize
I don't need someone to make me happy
all I need to do is believe in myself
and trust that what i've done with my life
will help me through my troubles
even knowing i'd even better with you in my life
i'm strong enough to last on my own
i've hated my life ever since you left
it's just something i'm going to have to deal with on my own
it's going to be the hardest thing
getting over you and regaining the strength that i need
it's going to take a very long to accoplish but it will be done
but thats just what life is all about
there's nothin you can do to change what'll happen in the future
its the choices i'm going to be making with my life
and no one can change whats going to be done

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