As I Lay Beside You

as i lay beside you looking up into your eyes
i see the love you have for me for all these years that pass us by
me and you together
always together
cause we're made for each other
this thing that we have is so magical
i wouldn't trade it for anything in this world
i love you with all my heart
you're all that i desire
so baby cast your spell and set me on fire
i'm madly in love with you
and i know you feel the same way too
i love the way you always make me laugh
but most of all i love how our love will always last

by candice freeman

Comments (2)

I lost interest in the 7th stanza/refrain. Is the subject a gardener? Farmer? I don't know. Don't really have time to decipher it.
Sorry, but I just can't get into this 1600's English. Maybe I'm just not fully awake today.