Regina West, The Love Should Of Been

Picture of you in mind
Love for you in heart
Why Regina left before she heard
Confession of love
See for a long you were only
True love of this heart
Young man cry for your love
Hard that night, monk
The crowd ask love of buff
To step aside
Wish would of claim your love
Regina love for you was real
When you died
Sadness overcame me
I miss you
Only to say for you
I wish i would of love you
Deserve to be love
May God keep you
In his love
I should been your happiness
Protect Regina from all harm
Tears still fall when lost love
Is out of reach
Regina let the whole know that
Beautiful ways of your
Will be remember for all time to come
You didn't deserve death
I believe GOD grant you moments
Your children start their life
Listen i know GOD know the best
Just want to tell you of love
A moment to confession
My love for you
From time i saw your face
I knew you were the love
Like a foolish man
I step back from my desirer
Greatest love now lost
I must go on maybe one day
GOD will bring to me
Once more love that so true
May you rest in peace
Regina West
GOD love you the best

by George Jerone (Brother DeBuff) Jefferson

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