Poem By Emily Angel

I'm drenched by the rain,
Yet I'm not cold.
For I'm freezing inside
Of my heart.

They say you'll never know
The worth of your eyes
When you have it.

So now, I think of the days
When he was next to me.
Those days when wouldn't even
Grace him with a glance.

Oh! How I hate myself
For being so mean
When all he was to me
Was kind and good.

I ignored him and denied him
When I had them with me.
Finally, he waved his goodbye
When he could take it no more.

Like a fool, I, then,
Didn't even care for a smile.

Now I'm standing here
All alone in this rain
And they all have deserted me.

Now I regret my pride
and I regret this life.
Something I do realize now.
What I've done, has been done
And can not be reversed.

I'd back in time
And right my wrongs
But I can't.

In my folly, I've lost
A priceless treasure.

Therefore, I plead you, reader,
Never make my grevious mistake.
Angels come just once!

Comments about Regret

Our regrets, mistakes and choices set our path for us. We learn from those choices and grow. The sense of loss is palpable in the wording and phrasing that you use.
life is but what we want it to be living with regrets is everyday thing so why dwell on the past when there is a future waiting to be written
I really love this poem, seems better then mine poems haha
wow really amazing work. made me sad.. love it
Ah, dear Emily, our regrets are shared. I rate this a ten, because I know how you feel.

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4,3 out of 5
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