There isn’t much in life I regret,
And certainly nothing I can’t forget,
Except this one thing that’s on my mind,
A thing I thought I’d left behind,
It’s on my mind each passing day,
How can I make it go away?
Distant memories of things gone by,
Painful yet I still don’t cry,
I keep it inside for none but me,
Deep and dark so no-one sees,
So I give to the world a happy face,
A mask to hide my own disgrace,
Friends and family pass me by,
Unknowing, uncaring, not asking why,
I have no heart, my eyes are dead,
Why I’m all alone, my feet like lead,
This sole regret consumes my life,
A constant battle and inner strife,
Not a second goes by when I do not think,
Of the time I had, gone in a blink,
For the pain I caused I deserve my own,
And so I am left all alone.

by Dan Jones

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