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Regret Ii- How It Ended...

Here I am, across the busy road,
There she is, with her radiant smile,
My caged feelings are bursting free,
I cannot contain it anymore.

I tried to stare away,
To just leave and move away,
But my heart disobeys me,
My desires do not permit me.

With my shaking feet I stepped forward,
Closer and closer towards my love,
Every inch deepens my breath,
Every step hastens my beating heart.

There is no turning back,
I crossed the line,
That I feared so long,
Did I made the right choice?

My body is frozen solid,
My icy lips can barely move,
When I finally dragged myself,
In front of my ice queen.

I tried to open my mouth,
But the words won’t come out,
My legs are trembling mad,
As sweat fall like pouring rain.

Before I could say the words,
She left in a hurry,
I tried to gave chase,
But my legs are just too heavy.

Just as I turn around the corner,
I saw her with another man,
She seems so happy,
As they held each other.

I could not believe my eyes,
I don’t want to,
My heart is being strangled,
I cannot accept this cruel reality.

With my bleeding heart I ran,
All my dreams are falling apart,
My hopes are shattered,
And tears break free from within.

How could I bear this pain?
Of losing the one I love,
Who does not even know I love her,
I am such a fool in love.

So I stand, in the pouring rain,
Let it wet my face,
Waking me from this trance,
Maybe this is all just a dream……

On my knees I beg of you,
My Lord please,
Give me a chance,
To say… I Love You,
Is that so much to ask for?

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Comments (4)

Everybody was a fool when they were in love............hope that you will find your miracle soon........and be happy forever.............
Bittersweet with an intriguing finale from the wild side.You're quite good, keep up!
Oh my God, never expected this will be the ending. It's painful. I can understand how do you feel. A very touching poem. Take care my young friend.