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Regret Ii

You blew out the pilot
light I kept vigilantly in the window a
low cool flame out with the sound of a flutter
You said 'I hope you find happiness' a mere
veneer for 'Frankly my dear, I don't
give a damn' and I crumple to the floor
of the porch; corkscrew sinking through my solar
plexus, the sucking of a withered 4th chakra.
I saw the light in your eyes sputter
You said 'the thing I love you for
will be the very thing that destroys us'
And you called it, Babe. A subtle
pointing of a finger at the stands.
I feel cavernous.
You tried to pull the plug but I'm still a vegetable taking
up good tax payer's money to keep bodily
functions still going 'and she is
alive' they say. Somehow I find a way to
die over and over again.

by Bonnie Droge

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