I woke up late last night, thinking about the words I never said
Looking back at what ive done, I feel the sudden pain
If I could just tell you everything I have in my heart
Then maybe you would understand and wont drift away from me
But all I have now are regrets, for things I have never done
Pain for the all feelings I have hidden from you
And madness from all the hurt you’ve given me unexpectedly
Why can’t I just tell you I love you
Why can’t I just ask you to stay
Why am I so afraid, when there’s nothing to be scared of
I don’t know the answers I am confused
Deep in my heart, still, it is you
Faith could have brought me to you
But I never realized that
Im so stupid not to let it show
Now, that you’re so far away
I cant take you back anymore
Destiny never agree that we should be together
My prayers weren’t that strong I let you slip away
Still I am here, and I want to drift away as well
I would lie if I said I didn’t care
But no words could ever make you turn around and see me again
All I know is I have to live like this for all time
Stop all the longing I have for u inside
Im ending this misery, I’ll be fineI’ll wait again until my time has come

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