Regrets Might Be Left Out

Oh! ! my dearest love.
One day i will leave this world and never come back again
from then hence forth things would never be the same
my departure would be as fast as the blinking of the lids of the eyes
that even the eagle would not see me entering the skies
mourning, mourning mourning! ! !
you will cry
you may wish to die,
when you would think of all the things i did to you as sacrifice,
which you all despise,
no matter the way you mourn,
it would be too late in fact useless because i would be gone.
But to avoid all these endless pain
let's reconcile and do thing together again
by so doing, we would gain our fame
because it would be recorded that 'an almost forgotten relationship had been sustained.

by eseck ezeh

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A plea from the heart to make things work in your relationship before it's too late! I really enjoyed this great write!