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Regulate, Regulate, Regulate

Regulate, Regulate, Regulate
Let no action pass free the gate.

First comes election of graft ladened pols
Influenced by tears and woes of well meaning trolls.
They pass legislation based on whims not fact,
They know Laws can be changed if found to be abstract.

Next come the Agencies whose interest is in survival
Theirs - not yours, Theirs is a well oiled Cabal.
To interpret what the third hand of government has provided
Requires a host of lawyers whose bottoms from sitting are vastly wide-d.

They draw up regulations, not as the people or legislature intended,
And throw in enough gobbledegook to make sure all are offended.
Of course more funding is ensured
So the public will be properly enured.

Handbooks and pamphlets require paper without end,
The printing industry is gratified to see such a trend.
With punctuation all in the proper form
Final rules are in place to reestablish the 'norm'.

That long ago standard to which all agree
Seems to have been lost when cutting the last tree.
Was it global warming or cooling that was the cause
For controlling man actions by passing these laws?

Forgot in the chase was the reason supreme
It's population explosion that has come on the scene.
All must be fed, housed and pampered without end
So away with the freedoms, we'll all live in a pen.

Time in prison is appropriate for those in violation
And a nice fine will squelch any misguided elation.
Rule of law has a nice sound provided
the Law is one that is properly write-d.

by Sidi J. Mahtrow

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I have faith that the blind will someday see but on average people will always be dumb....