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RC (June 3 1984 / Jakarta)


now just the broken laugh
that we have
pain inside you
cant erase tears which i show
and now you're there
look at me!
i'm fade away into mist
try to run from your heart
it full of wound
that we stabbed
when the italy rain fall
drizzling to your eyes
as beautiful when other can see
the purple moon
and your rein keep me stay
to the heart
that we have
which full of wound
when we stabbed for
each tears
that never be forgotten
and rein......

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Robert Frost

The Road Not Taken

Comments (1)

Very nice Rani. I understand... this poem, questions... how do you heal a wounded heart? How to forgive when you can't forget? Right? I It's good that you used 'choked phrases' :) that's how heartbreak feels...... Good job!