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Somewhere in the dark
my frozen spirit aches
there is a lifetime out there somewhere
that has shadowed me for years
scared of the life that might escape

And they all say
with the burning eyes
to offer myself true
to let loose the ghosts
let a bit of light
show through

Ive seen all thier faces
pacing gently
into the night
they mirror me
but my arms to weak
to serve well
in this neverending fight

Fantasy has its vulgar grip
and i find another way
mindless obsession fuels my hunger
to greet
a brand new day

How little we tread
on life's lessons not learned
put the plan into motion
watch the wheels and spindles
as they turn

Let me live my life
by its worn out seams
because it is I
the only one decieved
I am well aware of the stiches
and the scars that they leave

Hide me from the love
I am frightened to send
dress it up in bitterness
in all the beautiful things you said
til I die, and my soul
reincarnate be born again

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