Are we friends beyond skin

Is everything in our lives
simply meant to happen

Is it written and foretold
by the Laws of Synchronicity

Are you meant to read this

Regardless of location
or gender or city

Are we in each others lives
for a reason

A means to survive
all the seasons

Are you drawn unconsciously
to my aura

Are we but singing
the same Divine chorus

Are we simply members
of the same underground

Constantly reborn
to be it's scribes

I don't have no
mystical powers

But a only a living pen
A token bestowed
from way back when

If you share the same gift

You will know it's
heartbreaks and bliss

So it's nice to finally meet you

My Synchronicity
My old Friend

We are now kin
brethren until the very end

So I wish you
the best in all that you do

It's why this composition
was unconsciously penned

we are all from the same tribes

An order of eternal scribes

We meet again
in this lifetime as kin

With spreading happiness
as our only sin


Copyright John Duffy 2017

by John Duffy

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