Brape & Revenge

Cowering in dark corners
Living out my nightmares
Wondering just how many know
Why doesn't anyone care?

Reflections in my mirror
Purple covering soft blue eyes
Tears streaming as a river
Even the guilty can cry

Long ago lost my feelings
Only blank emptiness inside
Searching corridors and halls
For safe places I can hide

Hearing the same footsteps
Slowly coming up the stairs
Frozen and frightened
Feeling all I could bare

The handle on the door
Slowly begins to turn
Hoping it would be mother
Guessing I'll never learn

Slowing advancing to my body
As I'm trying to back away
Pushing me down to the floor
Laying there I prayed

Ripping at my clothes
Wishing I were dead
Reaching out for the knife
Last night hid under the bed

Crying out why baby why?
As the blood began to run
Justice drawing upon him
As the countdown begun

by Barry A. Lanier

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