Reincarnation Of A Drop Of Water

The course of life resembles the journey of a drop of water, it starts as a droplet at the glacier's front high up in the mother mountain
It drips, thrives and together with the other fellow droplets to form brooks, streams and rivers, while rushing down the slope and heading to the ocean
They acquire all kinds of everything, bit by bit along the long journey, through washing the river bank, shaping landscape and carving canyon
They irrigate barren lands, cultivate crops and nurture civilizations, but also flood villages, render creatures homeless and seize all their possessions
Summoned by the sun, they rise up high in the sky, fly back to the mountains and return to the glacier and then...

by Siu Lun Tsui

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An excellent poem, Siu Lun Tsui. Please see my poem: Water (Haiku) It has a similar theme Thanks for sharing Peace