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There are times
When this world
I am in
is too hard to bear.

I yearn for that land
of my dreams
Green, wild, pure
a place, an idea, a philosophy.

I prepare to go
setting my mind
to pierce this reality
to escape.

Concentrating shifting
lifting the veil
Watching the world
ripple away.

Relaxing as the breeze
welcomes me
Waking as if I've been asleep
a long, long time

My land shimmers
life is joyous
life is calm.

I stand by the tarn
beneath a sapphire blue sky
the water smooth
becomes alive when I drink.

Water so pure
rushes into me
like liquid fire
burning me clean.

I dive headlong
wanting to be clean again
surrendering myself
to its wonderful embrace.

Reaching the other side
of the tarn
my body healed, purified
whole once again.

Like the Phoenix
I rise from my birthplace
young, energetic, strong
The Power stirs within me.

Surveying my domain
with loving eyes
a place so pure
untouched, unchanged.

I gaze upward
spreading my arms
becoming wings
The wind whispers.....welcome.

Rising above the land
into the sweet air
a chorus of a thousand voices
sending their wishes of love.

Soaring above
the clouds caressing me
taking in the view
like a starving man feeding.

With every second
my mind heals
the sky tending me
as a caring lover.

My mind once again clear
The Power echoing
in my mind and body
but I am not complete yet.

Descending, I view a lonely mountain top
I land, my wings fading
The hard rock greets me
as if it had been waiting for me.

'A long time', the mountain grumbles
'you need healing
come be one with me',
as I meld with the stone.

Darkness engulfs me
fear strikes me
I scream out
I am alone.

'Don't fear', resounds as a warm closeness approaches
'We are here', a calm voice reassures
this is always the hardest part
Becoming one.

What is happening?
Light explodes around me
as Life embraces me fills me with
peace, contentment, happiness-my soul is healed.

Now my Power, myself is complete
I feel all living things here
I am the Water, Wind, and Earth
I am Light, Life, and Power.

My realm flows through me
and I flow through the land
My senses magnify
The joy is unimaginable.

I resurface near the tarn
whole - newly healed
I bow to my world - offering my thanks, my love
for now I must leave.

Always I regret leaving
but this world is always with me
I need to go back to that reality
for there is some healing I have to accomplish

I set my mind to shift
my body prepares to go
my soul providing the purpose
I leave, gently, as a soft summer breeze.

I arrive back once again
to that noisy, crowded world
my work lies before me
and I smile.

by Robert Edmondson

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