A Father's Words To His Daughter

In rainy days or sunshine,
I will still be here
Even if you are 'fine'
I'll listen to every fear

When you were small, I held you,
And wiped away every tear
I'll hold you when you're big too
Even when you're not near

When I first saw your small face,
You became my precious dear
And by the gift of God's grace,
Your life I began to steer

You stole my heart on that day
And my mission became clear:
To love you in every way,
For you've brought my life such cheer

by Lauren Beasley

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Repetition soon starts to sound like self-mockery; such as in Ancient Rome, when rhetoric was extremely important. Marcus Antony destroyed Brutus in a assembly after Caesar's assassination, and said how honorable Brutus was over and over and over again, until it lost it's effect on the audience, once Antony noticed this, he flung Caesar's bloody cloak down to the people, saying, You are no son of Rome to act so cowardly in your treachery. The Roman people forced him and the other assailants into exile where Brutus killed himself. He could of won the audience if Antony hadn't of repeatedly made remarks about how honorable Brutus to diminish the value of the word, and then using the bloody cloak as a visual aid to put the rhetorical, metaphorical nail in Brutus' coffin. Love your writing sytle
repetition can enhance if used properly but tends to become boring if misused
a beautiful and expert writting..very well written, meaningful one 10+++++
a luminous write! so much to learn from it
poery for poets by a master of his craft
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