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Rejected By Life.

Thrown in the desert of life,
with no hope and no light.
I'm a victim of my past
and a prisoner of my future.
My thoughts leap back and forth
through time,
And the dreadful memories,
the heartaches and the unhealed rifts,
killing me from time to time.
Is there no escape or solace?
Is there no hope or light?
Should I face my destiny?

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Sometime this kind of frustration takes place in one's life, but faith in God can help one to overcome such feelings.
Unfortunately, as depressing as it sounds there is no hope, that's why I'm buried alive. concise and powerful poem
the past is a stormy sea the future, a bright horizon every minute you look to the past you are a minute late to achieve what you want plus that with the minutes you spend looking back you might be a thousand miles away from what you want