Rejected Destiny

Poem By Eliseo Rivera

Every now and then you sit down and wonder
What would life be like if you took the other direction?
If you went back and changed your selection
Would you feel the same connection?
Or would you ask yourself this very same question?
How do you know when you've made the right choice?
Are you told so by an unheard voice?
Or is it just a feeling inside
That you can't ignore nor subside?
Then you wonder
Why are these thoughts floating in your mind?
Why are the answers to these questions so hard to find?
Not realizing doubts are what's making you blind
Listen to your heart instead of your mind
The clear choice will appear before your very eyes
As you dropp the blindfold of lies
You will soon understand
That everything you ever wanted
Was held in your hand
But you let me slip through your fingers
Like the summers melting away all the winters
But like the seasons
There's a reason
To why I always come back to your mind
Its because deep down inside
You want to be forever mine
I had made a choice to wait
But you've realized now that its too late
At this point tears begin to slip down your smooth face
Because your putting yourself in my place
Now you understand that after that betrayal
I was in complete denial
It was just bizarre
As I searched for the brightest star
To shine away the pain and reveal any other lies
I searched endlessly the neverending skies
But ultimately the pain that I endured
Is what caused me to mature
So in a way I thank you for wat you did
But I only thank not forgive
Cuz the pain still kills from within
So it doesn't really matter if I die or I live
You were the purpose of my existence
So there's no point in resistence
It doesn't take you long
To realize that.......
You never know what you got until its gone
Your mistakes can't be corrected
So this destiny must be accepted
Your rejection torments me internally
As my heart bleeds enternally
You can't change the way things are
But you won't find redemption by following the brightest star
Cuz no matter how close or far
You will always be drowning in your poisonous tar


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perfec piece best construction! Keep up.......
i endure the journey of reading your nice piece...keep up the good work.....

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